Spice Up Our Tastebuds

Not one to overlook the popular restaurants in town I booked a table for two at Wagamamas, however it was an unusual spot that being Gatwick airport. I was travelling to Turkey and needed something to keep me full until I landed and this spot caught my eye.

One thing I must say straight away is the seating, I’m not really a fan of it.

Sitting on a bench side by side random diners left me feeling I was back at primary school. This for me, made the experience drop from what potentially could of been a perfect dinner date to a quick lunch bite, you kinda wanna have your own personal space when it comes to dinning not having to sit side by side to a complete stranger whilst slurping on some noodles now do you? ha!

Well, that was my little downside to the spot however minus the seating the food is one to remember. Extremely filling, I left wanting to fall asleep straight away being filled to the brim.


For started Prawns and Ribs but beware that hot chilie sauce packed a punch of power! Glass of water at the ready please.


Katsu chicken curry and chicken and prawn pad thai for mains! Trust me there is no room for dessert don’t even try and force it LOL

Overall i’ll defo go back again to Wagamamas probably not on a planned date more on a spontaous thing as it’s not something worth planning a night around although the food packs flavour and worth the money as it is filling – it just personally doesn’t scream dinner date to me, I’m not sure if it all boils down to the seating but there is just something about it that makes it seem perfect for casual dinning.

Theres plenty of chains about but you can visit there fantastic website

www.wagamama.com and have a look at the menu before you give it a go.