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Every now and then I think it’s very important to look back at the work you’ve done and just to double check it’s up to the standards you believe are the best you can give.
After looking over and over again at the logo I created from scratch for Deep Sound Experience UK I found myself spending endless nights just starring at this art work not fully impressed with it.

I had been working with a programme called ‘Pixelmator’ on my MAC due to not being able to access Adobe Photoshop. The programme Pixelmator is still very impressive especially being that – when I downloaded the software over a year ago, it was completely free!
The software provides very similar attributes as Photoshop but sadly lacking almost every techy feature such as the ability to give your text some character, as the only feature available is to give text a shadow. So – as you can gather, the software is GOOD (as many of my previous designs have been created by using it), but it’s just lacking in so many departments that you can not get the best results.

So after a long wait, I downloaded the trail for Photoshop once again as the latest Adobe Photoshop CSS had landed. Happy to get my hands on this for a FREE 30 day trail, I didn’t waste any time designing. All of a sudden – I’ve gotten my creative buzz back and was loving just spending hours in front of the PC!

This logo was a piece of work I didn’t hesitate to go back over to touch up. I noticed that the words needed to be more clearer so I added a glow, I resized the whole logo onto a much larger document so it can be used for printing in the future. I made sure I made different colour options and overall just freshened up the whole look but making sure to keep to the original design. It’s so much more fresher just by doing a few tweaks here n there. But finally this is now the finished product.




  1. 29th March 2015 / 1:01 pm

    Any chance you could design my a logo for a sports company?

    It’s a startup at the moment focusing on football and personal training but looking to branch towards more in the near future once I’ve got my degree 🙂

  2. 12th April 2015 / 10:58 am

    if you have a rough idea of what you’d like and how you’d want it to look then i’d be more than happy to help out