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Easter Bank Holiday was a busy weekend spent stuffing my face with good ol Caribbean home cooked food amongst friends and family, but in-between recovering from all the late nights and all the alcohol consumption I had one extremely fun and calm night before the storm.

I was invited by Jerome Six to come along on his bi-weekly radio show on Mode.Fm, however this was an Easter Special, so the show was featuring producer/DJ duo ‘F-Projekt’ & visual production team ‘NxtUp’.

This day was different from any other previous radio sets by Jerome as it was his exclusive warm up show before his set at House Of Silk which is always a guarantee sell out – so do grab your tickets for their next summer event Buy House Of Silk July Tickets Here

The radio show featured F-Projekt who was interviewed on the night by Jerome, before taking over the rest of the show with a 30 minute guest mix, playing a selection of all their very own productions, all in which was recorded live by NxtUp which you can find on their YouTube Channel Here.

For more events, follow Jerome Six’s Twitter to keep up to date with all things house and the latest places where himself and other popular Dj’s will be attending.

But for now here are some of the shots I took on the day below.

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As you can see from the pictures, it looks almost like a house party but it was such an energetic atmosphere, a room full of passionate people is so motivating. Coming back from this show surrounded by DJ’s who absolutely love what they do, made me have a realisation that you only have one life and you should do whatever career that will make you happy!

Find something you are passionate about – that you truly enjoy and when you wake up in the morning you are actually happy to do that job. OK maybe not every day, but at least 80% of the time peeps.

Editing point of view, update I still have no Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom software, I’m currently using Pixelmatr which is OK i guess but nothing to rant or rave about. I messed up really badly with my camera and changed my settings last minute to the lowest ISO settings my mistake which made my images soo tiny – I could of cried LOL. However I wasn’t going to let these pictures go to waste – just had to edit them more than I’m usually comfortable with. They have a VSCO/Instagram finish don’t you think? Still love the finish product though, do you guys agree or not?

Jerome Six’s Contact Information;

Jerome Six’s Twitter

F Projekt  contact information;

F. Projekt’s Twitter Page

Stay tuned to some of the UK’s best Dj’s by following them on social media, let them know if you will be attending any of their events. I’m investing in a flash soon and a better lens anyone got any good recommendation for me that I could try, please let me know down below.

Cali x