Dafuq? Mexican?

So my bestie messaged me about an opportunity to review a restaurant in London and asked if I was up for it? Did I need to hesitate with an answer? Hell no!

We both were lucky enough to be treated to DF / Mexico, Shoreditch and it didn’t disappoint. I personally hadn’t heard anything about this restaurant previously to this night, so I was eager to try.

The menu is gives you options of Tacos, Burritos, Burgers, DIY Boards or Salads. We all got different options so that we can have a range of options to dabble into. We started of the night with some Mijoto’s and nachos.

We mixed the mains from a juicy Mexican spiced burger, steak taco to fried chicken taco, thrown in with chilli fries. The chicken taco I ordered was so juicy which I didn’t expect with chicken, the steak taco was delicious the pickled cabbage in the tacos added an extra crunch. Every bite was filled with excitement and for the price of the dishes it would be affordable for a night out.

We all enjoyed and finished our plates. I would go back here because I love Mexican food and I’m only ever used to Chimmy  Changa so this has definitely been a better experience for myself and I’m sure my friends can agree too. Disclaimer, watch out for those cocktails they hold a strong punch!

Finished the night with a double doze of chocolate brownie. I loved the atmosphere here and the nice touch of free refillable juice, the hot sauces and range of food to try. I’ll be going back again and would recommend this if you are ever in Shoreditch, give it try with your mates!

Thanks for the lovely staff at DF/Mexico for inviting myself @caliloved and @livitaj down for dinner.
Cali LOVED this and will be back! Price range £20-£30. Easy access from Liverpool street station.


Address: Hanbury Street, Shoreditch, London E1 6QR

Website: www.dfmexico.co.uk

Twitter: @DFMexicoDiner