Bodean’s BBQ

Dinner at bodean's soho london

Celebrating a close friends birthday and the only way we do it is by stuffing our faces. We found ourselves at Bodean’s Soho and it didn’t disappoint. The venue realises your inner urban cowboy or cowgirl as the Dallas style venue really makes you feel as if you’re in a shack in the middle of nowhere in America listening to some loud county rock music. As always tucking into BBQ ribs and chicken is always going to be my thing and this was all they had on the menu.

Bodean's Soho restaurantrestaurant venueBodean's menuBodean's restaurantMain course at bodeansIMG_7369Dinner at Bodean's soho londonDinner at Bodean's SohoDinner at bodean's soho london

We ordered a mixture of the full rack of BBQ ribs, to the baby back ribs, to the 1/4 pounder beef burger to a spicy chilli dog with creamy cheese and thick proper milkshake.

I’ve been to the Towerhill venue which I prefer, it’s much more spacious and to be fair I order a platter of bbq mix which is better than individual¬†¬†meals as you get a little taster of everything.

You van visit Soho venue here;

Bodean’s Soho

10, Poland St, W1F 8PZ,

0208 7287 7575